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TRADITION since 1863

A long family tradition, begun in 1863 by Giovanni Castiglioni, founder of a small workshop for the production of Jacquard, Dobby and accessories for weaving.

In 1954 the current ANTONLUIGI CASTIGLIONI SAS was established, now it is the fifth generation to lead the company.


All processing phases are entirely carried out in ITALY, thanks to technicians with decades of experience, to be able to offer customers a reliable and high quality product.



All harnesses are supplied leveled and drawn-in and are assembled by our specialised in-house personnel, where required by the client. A new automatic levelling system makes it possible to obtain an excellent product, while limiting the production costs of a Jacquard harness.

Harness with Single Comber board (SCS) or with Double Comberboard (DCS) made for different types of fabric, and for different looms, Rapier, Projectile, Shuttle, and for all Jacquard machines.

We produce HARNESSES for all Labels Looms on the market, such as MULLER Mugrip, Mvc, NF or systems with applied cutting units, such as MEI, Hi-tex, Vaupel etc.

Special attention for TERRY TOWEL harnesses, with features that allow an excellent quality of weaving, such as the Ground / Pile separation and the possibility of moving the comber boards.


Perforated comberboard on reduction, aluminum frames, fiber Jacquard guiding board, complete springs set, Leno healds, SAXON'S harness cords, all produced at our headquarters in Busto Arsizio.

Harness cord specially designed with different diameters and metric yields, with High Tenacity polyesters, high temperature finishing and antistatic treatment. Series "C" with Carbon and "HS" for high speed.

We drill the guiding board in FIBER and DERLIN for all Jacquard machine formats.

The Jacquard Healds are a very important point for an excellent weaving and harness performance. We supply heddles in nickel-plated wire and also in Inox Steel. CONICAL or AVS springs designed on the basis of the required weights, connection system Healds / cord with Tube, Shrink tube, Conical tube.


We create designs for JACQUARD fabric. We provide all of the EXPERIENCE and creativity of our qualified STAFF, offering a SERVICE both in terms of proposals and suggestions, acting as technical consultant.

An archive of old sample books, sketches, fabric samples, are available to study new articles taking inspiration from the past.

We make jacquard designs starting from an idea or a sample, we modify it, we process in CAD, we add the weave effect according to the article to be produced and by the customer's requests.

We punch the designs on Verdol paper in 1344/896/448 format and for old JACQUARD carton machines in 400 and VINCENZI in 1320/880.


Customer contacts, availability, flexibility and quick creation, are the foundations of our work.

HARNESSES INSTALLATION HARNESSES are packed and shipped to customers from all over the world.
On request we can also do the installation service on the loom.
DRAWING - IN Drawing - in with poliester or cotton yarn, throught-in reed service.

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